The importance of website imagery

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Jun 10, 2014

The importance of website imagery


Website images, photos, logos and backgrounds are some of the most important factors in affective web design. Big, bold, crisp imagery can make an impact on your audience, the same way low quality, pixilated images can send your viewers running.

Never mind a whole bunch of low resolution images, just one bad resolution photograph or image can let a whole website down, even if the rest of it is great. Good use of Photoshop can bring images to life and make a dull photo into something worth adding, but there’s only so far that programs like Photoshop can take you. The best advice..if it’s not high resolution, don’t use it. Your website will be better off without that image that with it.

This is a constant issue when dealing with many clients who don’t understand the importance of high quality images. Small business owners are so often trying to save money and cut costs that they will sacrifice things like logo re-development, or professional photography. If you want to take your own photos to use on your website, fine. It can be done reasonably well with a decent camera. But unless you have all the gear and really know what you’re doing then your photos will never look the same as those taken professionally. And that being said, your website will never look the quality of those that have taken the time and invested the money into creating strong, effective images.

One way around getting professional photos taken is to use stock images. For a small price you can buy high resolution, professional photos that will add life to your website for a fraction of the cost. For example, if you have a service-based business such as physio, psychology, beauty therapy etc try searching for images relating to your field and see the wide range of photos to choose from. Ok you won’t be able to find a photo of the interior of your waiting room, but you will be able to find others that portray the feeling of your business. Think people shaving hands, sitting in a consulting room, running through the park after a good physio session.

As mentioned before, a company logo is detrimental to the business’ image. Far too often successful businesses that have been running strong for over 10 or even 20 years still use the same logo from when they first started out. Business owners get scared of changing it thinking they’ll lose their identity, feeling that their customers know them through their logo, but an outdated logo says so much about the business, before you’ve even seen the business.
A solution.. Get your logo re-designed using some of the same ideas as the old but in a new modern version. Use the same colours, or the same structure but vamp it up. A good graphic designer should be able to take what you’ve got and make is into something of the 21stCentury. For god’s sake get rid of the text drop-shadow of the 90’s and move with the times, or you’re setting your business image up to be seen in a light you don’t want.

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