Should I have a Facebook page or my own Website?

Facebook or Website
Jun 19, 2014

Should I have a Facebook page or my own Website?


We often get asked how important having a Facebook page is. People want to know if they should link their website to their business Facebook page. Some ask if they really need a website and if they could just create a business Facebook page instead?

A business Facebook page can be a way for you to find new customers or for people to recommend your services and products but it is in no way as important as your actual website. There is still no substitute for a well designed website that people can easily find online to promote and expose your business. Without going into too much detail, we’ll discuss a few reasons why.
It’s on your actual website that you’ll be selling your products if you have an online store. It’s your actual website that will be found when people use search engines to look for your products and services online, not your Facebook page. It’s on your website that you’ll be able to choose how to display your content, what image you want to portray and no ones ever going to change that. If a social website decides to change the way it works and the way your business is displayed there is nothing you can do about it.  With your own website you will always be in full control.
If your a serious business wouldn’t you have a serious online presence rather than a free generic page that anyone can create in a few minutes. How seriously do you want your customers to take you?
The truth is most people spend there time on Facebook wasting time and browsing around to keep up to date with friends and people they know. The majority of people are not on Facebook looking for a mechanic, a doctor or a yoga studio. Yes, maybe these people might be lured to your website if one of the friends recommends an article or likes a page but that’s just one form of marketing for your actual website and should in no way be seen as a substitute for your own website. When the majority people look for services and products they search using search engines or local directories.
If you do go down the route of having a business page on Facebook, it’s more important having a link from there to your website than the other way around. We recommend having as many ways as possible for people to find your business  but being careful where you spend most of your time and energy.  Use social media to promote your website not the other way around.
Again we highlight the fact … There is still no substitute for a well designed website that people can easily find online to promote and expose your business.

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