Selling your products online

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Sep 08, 2014

Selling your products online


Some business owners are still shying away from selling their products online and we’ve found there are two main reasons for this. First is the fear of the process being difficult to manage an online shop on top of their already existing shopfront, and secondly is the cost associated with developing an E-commerce system. What many business owners don’t realise is just how easy the building and maintenance process can be.
Not all E-commerce systems are created equal and if an online shopping cart is built with a difficult system, then sure enough the whole exercise may be a nightmare, but there are many systems out there that are very user-friendly for customers and extremely easy to manage from the back-end by the business owner. You will be able to easily update product information, change images, and add and remove products without any web development experience whatsoever.
The price you pay for an online shop will depend on a few factors. These may be the number of products, categories, information related to each product, or the manner in which you supply the information to the developer (eg. If product information needs to be sorted, ordered, or images need re-touching). But the most important factor in discerning how much your shopping cart system will cost you is which web design company you choose. Prices for online cart can vary tremendously, and some will quote based on the number of products, an hourly rate, or even annual ongoing fees. So do your research and really look into what you are getting for your money. Ask to see a link to a previous shopping cart that they have done for the same price as they have quoted you.

There are a few very important factors that will affect how well your shopping cart displays on your website, and if you want to portray a professional image of your business to your customers you will need to make sure you follow these:

High quality product images
There is no use building a fantastic E-commerce system that functions beautifully and is easy to use if your product images are low resolution, poor quality or look like they’ve been taken with a 1990’s Nokia mobile phone. Spend the time to get good images that will display your products in their best form, as these images will ‘sell’ the product. Businesses that opt for a professional photographer to shoot their products are giving their website shopping cart a far better chance at converting sales than those that don’t. If getting professional photos just isn’t an option then spend them time to get the lighting and positioning right, use a clean flat background and try with and without the flash.
If you’re a re-seller, use the manufacturers product images! Just make sure there’s no copyright on the images and get permission first.

Keeping it consistent
Keeping the shopping cart consistent is key to making it display well to your customers. This means using specifications that are consistent throughout, text formatting used in the same way for each product, and images that are similar in style. Having some product images that are displayed on a white/transparent background and others that display on a backdrop will mean that the shopping cart loses consistence and may let the whole thing down. Keep consistency in mind when adding new products, and this will keep up the level of professionalism you portray.

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