Graphic Design Portfolio

  • Hilton-Hotel-Restaurant-Signage

    Hilton Hotel Restaurant Signage

    DESCRIPTION Atrium Restaurant signage at the Hilton Hotel in Cairns, Qld. Back to Portfolio
  • Landscaping Logo

    DESCRIPTION This Landscaping company required a logo incorporating their main landscaping machine, the Bobcat. The brief was for an image of the bobcat placed alongside the company name, with the use of their existing colours. Back to Portfolio
  • hilton-restaurant-logo

    Restaurant & Bar Logo

    DESCRIPTION New logo created for the Atrium Restuarant and Bar inside the Hilton Hotel. The design brief was for a clean, fresh logo with a leaf element that would appeal to a wide audience. Back to Portfolio
  • Accessory Designer business cards

    Accessory Designer Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Beautifully patterned business cards were created for this Accessory Designer to complement her style of work. Spot gloss finish was applied to the cards for an extra special look. Back to Portfolio
  • Photographer logo

    Photographer Logo

    DESCRIPTION Portrait photography company required re-branding of their corporate identity, starting with their logo. The new design was then carried through to all of their marketing material, signage, and in-house stationary. Back to Portfolio
  • Woolshed Nightclub Advertising Poster

    Nightclub Advertising Poster

    DESCRIPTION This nightclub required a poster to promote their birthday and hens night functions. The brief was for a fun, sexy poster that would keep in line with their style of venue. Back to Portfolio
  • Physiotherapist Logo

    Physiotherapist Logo

    DESCRIPTION A new physiotherapist practice required a logo using a figure in a position to show active movement and well being. Back to Portfolio
  • Physio Referral Pads Design

    Physiotherapist Referral Pads

    DESCRIPTION These physiotherapist referral pads were create to incorporate their new logo and business colours. Back to Portfolio
  • Local News Provider Logo

    Northern Beaches News Logo

    DESCRIPTION This local Far North Queensland News provider offering up to date news for the Northern Beaches required a new vibrant logo that symbolised the shape of double island as viewed from the north. Back to Portfolio
  • Local Author Logo Design

    Local Author Logo

    DESCRIPTION This local FNQ Author with a focus on the importance of local produce required a logo that would incorporate the ‘paddock to plate’ concept, using the farm as a main feature of the design. Back to Portfolio
  • Landscaping Company Business Cards

    Landscape Company Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION These simple and elegant business cards were designed following the design of their new logo. The business cards have been keep minimal with a clean, fresh style. Back to Portfolio
  • Civil Mining & Construction Company Letterheads

    Civil Mining & Construction Company Letterhead

    DESCRIPTION This civil mining and construction company needed a new letterhead incorporating their new logo. The brief was for a simple design incorporating the roof shape on the page background. Back to Portfolio
  • Engineering Company Brochure Design

    Engineering Company TriFold Brochures

    DESCRIPTION This engineering company required a tri-fold brochure to showcase their projects, their team and their services. The brochure uses quality photos to grab the eye, and their company colours throughout to keep continuity throughout their ma...
  • Civil Mining & Construction Logo

    Civil Mining & Construction Logo

    DESCRIPTION This civil mining and construction company needed a new logo for their business. The design symbolises a roof, using bold lettering and colours to emphasise strength. Back to Portfolio
  • Business Booth Advertising Flyer

    Business Advisor’s Advertising Flyer

    DESCRIPTION This advertising flyer was created to work in with an existing flyer to keep in-line with their current graphics and style. The flyer was aimed to present their current offer in an attractive and effective manner,keeping the design simple...
  • Skytrans Logo Development

    Skytrans Airline Logo

    DESCRIPTION This Cairns-based airline needing to re-brand itself required a new logo to be used across all of their marking material as well as on all aircrafts. The logo was created to work on the body of the plane as well as the tail, and used th...
  • Calm Birth Classes Logo

    Calmbirth Classes Logo

    DESCRIPTION A creative logo was designed for this new business offering calmbirth classes to expecting mothers and their partners. The brief was to create a logo that incorporated the fern, a iconic tree in the Sherbrook Ranges. It has a calm, loving...
  • Marina-Swapping-Advertising-flyer

    Marina Swapping Advertising Flyers

    DESCRIPTION This new marina swapping service needed an advertising flyer that could be handed out at marinas to build a bigger members database. The flyer is colourful and and eye catching, and explains the concept in a short and concise way. Back to...
  • Youth Development Logo

    Youth Development Logo

    DESCRIPTION This youth development organisation required a logo using bold colours, that would represent team work, fun and youth. It have a positive appeal that keeps in line with their organisation. Back to Portfolio
  • Cruising Promotions Emailer

    Cruising Promotions Emailer

    DESCRIPTION A html emailer was created for this cruising company to promote their upcoming special offers for cruises throughout the Caribbean. The emailer is mobile-friendly, adapting to all devices. Back to Portfolio
  • Online Facebook Competition

    Online Facebook Competition

    DESCRIPTION A quick graphic was created to promote a Facebook competition being run by this Auto Mechanics to win a free car service. Back to Portfolio
  • Childrens Book Club Logo

    Children’s Book Club Logo

    DESCRIPTION A fun dinosaur logo was created for this Children’s Book Club that kids subscribe to and receive new books regularly by post. The Logo uses lots of colour and the dinosaur is used throughout all marketing material as a mascot to the...
  • Upholstery services Emailer

    Upholstering Service Emailer

    DESCRIPTION A html emailer was created for this Upholstering business to send out to local motorbike and scooter outlets to promote their motorbike seat upholstery services. The emailer was designed to highlight the specific service for marketing and...
  • Furniture Upholsterer Logo

    Furniture Upholsterer Logo

    DESCRIPTION Logo development for an upholsterer requiring a new brand to market his services. A logo was created as well as business cards and a new website. Back to Portfolio
  • Cairns Reef Fishing Logo

    Cairns Reef Fishing Logo

    DESCRIPTION A new logo was created for Cairns Reef Fishing, offering group charters and private fishing charters to the Great Barrier Reef for locals and tourists. A new update mobile-friendly website was also created with their new company branding....
  • Marketing company signage

    Marketing Company Office Signage

    DESCRIPTION The newly created logo for this marketing company was used on their internal glass door in a gold foiling, keeping in line with their new buisiness cards and stationary. Back to Portfolio
  • Impact Equipment Suppliers

    Impact Equipment Suppliers Logo

    DESCRIPTION This impact equipment supplies company were looking for a simple, yet bold logo for the business that kept inline with their existing business branding. Back to Portfolio
  • Electrical contractor logo

    Electrical Contractor Logo

    DESCRIPTION This Electrical contractor based in Far North Queensland required a logo that would represent the tropical environment in which the business services. The logo uses the idea of an electrical circuit combining the palm frond and the power ...
  • Plumbing Specialists Business cards

    Plumbing Specialists Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Fresh, clean and modern business card design for an established plumbing company using their existing branding. Back to Portfolio
  • Marriage Celebrant Logo

    Marriage Celebrant Logo

    DESCRIPTION A new logo was designed for this wedding celebrant looking for a young, fresh design aiming her services at a youthful, modern demographic. The logo needed to be simple and effective with a contemporary design rather than a traditional ap...
  • Massage Therapist Adertising Flyers

    Massage Therapist Adertising Flyers

    DESCRIPTION DL sized flyers were created for this massage specialist for use in in-house advertising as well as for letterbox drops. Back to Portfolio
  • Environmental Office Logo Design

    Environmental Office Logo Design

    DESCRIPTION A new logo was created incorporating aspects of an existing logo for the Environmental Defenders Office Of North Queensland. The aim was to clearly show the specific area of the country they work with in a clear, identifiable manner. Back...
  • marketing company logo design

    Marketing Company Logo

    DESCRIPTION This Cairns based marketing company required a logo representing power and strength, combining the rayven as their business identity. The logo is simple yet strong. Back to Portfolio
  • Advertising Poster Design

    Advertising Poster Design

    DESCRIPTION Eye-catching advertising posters were designed for this Northern Queensland Motorbike touring company. The use of strong graphic design, sharp layout and bold use of colour creates professional and effective advertising material. Back to ...
  • Advertising Banner Design

    Advertising Banner Design

    DESCRIPTION Free-standing banners were designed as an advertising tool to display in offices, shop fronts, and at exhibitions. Back to Portfolio
  • Landscape Designer Logo

    Landscape Designer Logo

    DESCRIPTION The customised logo was developed with a range of colour and layout options to choose from. The brief was for any kind of pod to be incorporated into the design. Back to Portfolio
  • Transport Services Business Cards

    Transport Services Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION A new logo and business cards were created for a Transport Services & Hire Company in rural Australia. Back to Portfolio
  • Language School Logo

    Language School Logo

    DESCRIPTION This Melbourne based language school required a modernised, simple, and colourful and eye-catching logo to use throughout their website ans marketing material. Back to Portfolio
  • Painting Speicalist Business Cards

    Painting Speicalist Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Bright, clean business cards were developed for this painting and gardening business to promote their services. Back to Portfolio
  • Painting Specialist Logo

    Painting Specialist Logo

    DESCRIPTION This Painting Specialist / Garden Maintenance company needed a logo that incorporated both the painting and the gardening aread of the business, as well as representing the tropics, being based in Cairns. Back to Portfolio
  • Engineering Company business cards

    Engineering Company Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Using the new company logo, corporate business cards were developed with the same theme. A high gloss finish complemented the sleek design. Back to Portfolio
  • Attorney Logo Design

    Attorney Logo Design

    DESCRIPTION Logo development for an attorney office needing a re-vamp of their existing corporate identity. Back to Portfolio
  • Product Advertising Brochures

    Product Advertising Brochures

    DESCRIPTION Large marketing brochures were created to advertise the products of this computer systems company promoting eco-friendly business solutions. Back to Portfolio
  • Building Designer Business Cards

    Building Designer Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Using clean lines and bold design these business cards were re-vamped to provide a fresh look for the target clientele. Back to Portfolio
  • Community Organisation Logo

    Community Organisation Logo

    DESCRIPTION This community organisation required a neat logo symbolising their support in the local community as well as the green movement towards the environment. Back to Portfolio
  • Company Letterheads

    Company Letterheads

    DESCRIPTION Multi-use business letterheads for all client correspondence. Includes banking details for invoicing purposes. Back to Portfolio
  • Plumbing Company Email Signatures

    Plumbing Company Email Signatures

    DESCRIPTION Email signatures were created for this plumbing company to use on all email communications. Back to Portfolio
  • Beauty Therapist Advertising Flyers

    Beauty Therapist Advertising Flyers

    DESCRIPTION DL size advertsing flyers were created for this Cairns-based beauty therapist offering a range of beauty services. The flyers displayed a clear prices list and were designed to catch the attention of the audience with a strong image and a...
  • Horse Riding Products Logo

    Horse Riding Products Logo

    DESCRIPTION This business selling horse riding products required adjustments to their existing logo to use on their website and product packaging. Back to Portfolio
  • Cold Pressed Juice Labels

    Cold Pressed Juice Labels

    DESCRIPTION This Cold Pressed Juice Company required labels for their organic juice cleanses being sold online. The labels incorporated their new logo as well as ingredients, benefits and website address. Back to Portfolio
  • Womens accessories Logo

    Women’s Accessories Logo

    DESCRIPTION This women’s accessories retailing in handbags, pencil cases and other accessories required a simple logo that could be embroidered and printed on their products. The logo is classy and modern giving the feel of feminine elegance. B...
  • Stationary Company Business Cards

    Office Suppliers Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION New company business cards were created to keep with the new company branding that was developed. Back to Portfolio
  • Corporate Letterheads

    Corporate Letterheads

    DESCRIPTION New email signatures were created to keep with the new company branding that was developed, and create a strong professional look to all email communication sent out. Back to Portfolio
  • Email Signatures

    Email Signatures

    DESCRIPTION New email signatures were created to keep with the new company branding that was developed, and create a strong professional look to all email communication sent out. Back to Portfolio
  • Business Letterheads

    Business Letterheads

    DESCRIPTION New business letterheads were created for this electrical contractor needing a professional template to provide quotes and invoices for existing and potential clients. Back to Portfolio
  • Plumbing buisness marketing postcard

    Plumbing Business Marketing Post Cards

    DESCRIPTION As part of a marketing campaign this plumbing business needed a simple post card to send out to their existing customers to remind them of the services they offer. Back to Portfolio
  • Swimwear logo

    Swimwear Logo

    DESCRIPTION This logo was created for a swimwear label seeking a young, fresh logo to target their audience of young to middle aged women. Back to Portfolio
  • Organic Juice Banner

    Business Banner

    DESCRIPTION This Queensland cold pressed juice business required a large scale banner to use for the Toowoomba market stalls and promotion days. Back to Portfolio
  • Commercial furniture and office supplies logos

    Commercial Office Furniture & Supplies Logos

    DESCRIPTION This commercial furniture supplier and commercial office supplies company required two logos that they could use beside eachother or together as one for their two divisions within the business. Back to Portfolio
  • Cold Pressed Juices Logo

    DESCRIPTION A newly created cold pressed juice company Full Of Life selling juice cleanses online required a new logo that they could use throughout their marketing material as well as printed on their juice bottles. The brief was for an organic feel...
  • cruising company special offers emailer design

    Special Offers Emailer

    DESCRIPTION This cruising company required an attractive email template to promote their special offers on domestic and international cruises. Back to Portfolio
  • cruising company sales emailer

    Promotions Emailer

    DESCRIPTION This promotions email was created to send out to the clients database to advertise their weekly promotions. Back to Portfolio
  • Polynesian Dancing Business Cards

    Polynesian Dancing Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION A Polynesian Dancing and Performing Arts company performing on Fitzroy Island required new sleek business cards with their new company logo. Back to Portfolio
  • Landscaping Company Logo

    Landscape Company Logo

    DESCRIPTION This brief for this landscape company was to create a new fresh logo with the emphasis on a ‘tranquil’ design, incorporating a lily. The design was created for use across all marketing material and stationary, as well as vehic...
  • Mining Mill Equipment Logo

    Mining Equipment Logo

    DESCRIPTION This company specialising in grinding mill installations, relines and maintenance required a company based loosely on the idea of the globe. The design was produced in their chosen colours to suite the client’s requirements. Back to...
  • Restaurant Bar Logo

    Restaurant/Bar Logo

    DESCRIPTION This funky laneway cafe needed a quirky logo that would match their eclectic style and decor. Back to Portfolio
  • Spray Painting Specialist Logo

    Spray Painting Specialist Logo

    DESCRIPTION The Logo was created based on the client’s request of a spray painting gun and bold colouring. It is modern, unique and looks great when used on stationary and signage. Back to Portfolio
  • Restaurant Business Cards

    Restaurant Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION A new restaurant opening its doors required business cards incorporating their restaurant logo and contact details. The design followed their existing colours and theme. Back to Portfolio
  • Florist Logo Design

    Florist Logo Design

    DESCRIPTION Simple and effective logo for a florist business who had a clear idea of what the were looking for. Back to Portfolio
  • Marketing Presentation Folders

    Marketing Presentation Folders

    DESCRIPTION Presentation folders were designed for the company’s sales team. Product information, quotes and further reading material were inserted into the folders to present to their customers. Back to Portfolio
  • Function Centre Logo

    Function Centre Logo

    DESCRIPTION An elegant, classy logo for a wedding and private functions venue. The design has been kept in line with the venue atmosphere. Back to Portfolio
  • Gardening Specialist Logo

    Gardening Specialist Logo

    DESCRIPTION This garden maintenance business “Green Witch Gardening” was looking for a fun and quirky logo to reflect her personality and identify the business as a gardener with a woman’s keen eye for detail. Back to Portfolio
  • Professional Business Cards

    Networking Association Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Simple but effective business card design for a professional organisation, incorporating their existing company logo. Back to Portfolio
  • Beauty Room Business Cards

    Beauty Room Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Feminine, classy business cards were designed for a Beauty Specialist, to incorporate the newly create logo. Back to Portfolio
  • Landscaping Company Business Cards

    Landscaping Company Business Cards

    DESCRIPTION Sleek looking business cards were designed with a focus on clean, modern design to represent the business. Back to Portfolio
  • Architect Business Card Design

    Architect Business Card Design

    DESCRIPTION Simple, classy business cards designed for this Sydney-based Architect / Urban Designer. A modern, simplistic design was created in line with the Architect’s contemporary design approach. Back to Portfolio
  • 4WD Training Logo Design

    4WD Training Logo Design

    DESCRIPTION This 4 Wheel Drive Training business offering both 4WD training and 4WD tours needed a bold and clear logo to use across it’s marketing material and website. This design is eye catching and memorable. Back to Portfolio
  • Advertising campaign Cairns

    Online Marketing Campaign

    DESCRIPTION This cruise company required online advertising as part of their marketing campaign to use throughout their website and social media pages. Back to Portfolio
  • Professional Business Logo Cairns

    Mental Health Business Logo

    DESCRIPTION A creative logo was developed for this business focused on mental illness. The logo was developed to portray mental health rather than mental illness, and a dove was used as part of the client’s brief. Back to Portfolio
  • Advertising Flyers and Posters Cairns

    Locksmith Advertising Flyers

    DESCRIPTION Flashy advertising/information flyers were created for Eddie Williams Locksmiths, a Cairns-based company offering a range of locksmithing services to the public. Back to Portfolio