Domains, Hosting & Content Management Systems explained

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Oct 28, 2014

Domains, Hosting & Content Management Systems explained


For those in the industry, when talking about a domain, a host provider or a content management system used as a website it’s all pretty simple. For those unfamiliar with these terms it can sound like too much confusing complicated jargon.
Here we’ll try and explain it all in the simplest way possible so you know what you need to have a functioning website and web presence. This will also clarify what all these website and domain related services you are paying for are and why they are necessary.

A Domain Name
Every website has a Domain name, each business wanting it’s own website will need a domain name to get started. This is the unique name and domain extension that people will type when browsing online to get to your business website. An example is, or This domain is made up of a unique name and an extension (the .com, .net or part) Once you have a Domain name you can then setup email accounts at this domain. eg or The Domain needs to be registered at the start and then annually renewed. We offer this service for any Domain name as well as setting up email accounts.

Website & Email Hosting
When you hear about hosting this is referring to the process of storing information such as files, databases, images, videos and software on a server (powerful computer) which is always available online. Website Hosting refers to storing the actual files, folders and software on a computer to make a website visible to the world via the internet. you can’t have a website that is live online without it being hosted somewhere. Email hosting refers to storing emails on a server online so you can access them with an email program directly or download them onto your computer with an email client such as Outlook. To have a functioning website and email, you will need a Host Provider to store all this information. We offer reliable and affordable Website & Email hosting.

Content Management Systems
A content management system is a program that runs website. These are used to control the display of information via your website or blog online. They have a dashboard/ backend or control panel where you can login and control how and what is displayed. They store information in a database and then then display that info via a website made up of individual web pages. They have become popular lately as they are easy to edit and update. Website owners using these systems can also update their website without any specialised software on their computer as the software runs from the server (website host provider’s computer). This means website owners can edit their site from any computer with an internet connection. Popular content management systems or CMS’s for short are WordPress, Joomla & Drupal.
We design customised websites using WordPress for clients wanting an easy to manage affordable website solution.

So to clarify in short..
To have a functioning website and email you need the following related services.
1. A Domain or a Domain Name
2. A Website & Email Hosting Provider
3. Files & other media which make up the website or a Content Management System to control the display of information stored in a database.

We offer package deals which include everything you need to get your business online professionally at very affordable prices.

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