Do I need a Mobile Friendly Website?

Do I need a mobile friendly website
Jun 12, 2014

Do I need a Mobile Friendly Website?


So, how important is it to have a mobile friendly website?

We will start by briefly explaining what a mobile friendly website is. When we refer to mobile friendly web design we are talking about websites that adapt to fit on smaller sized screens like those found on Smartphones and tablets. You can find websites specifically designed for mobile devices, and also websites that will display differently depending on the device that is being used to access the website. So some companies choose to have a separate website while others have just one website which adapts. Either way, the design of a proper mobile friendly website is one that will allow the user to view the content such as text, images and links on smaller screens without having to zoom in and zoom out. Everything is designed to be displayed in simple easy to read and easy to navigate way.

One thing we can be sure of is that with technology, things change. With the invention of Smartphones things in the online word have changed and they’re changing all the time. More and more people are browsing the internet with mobile devices, like IPhones, Ipads and other smartphones and it’s changing the way websites need to function and display. So where are we now, and what does that have to so with my website? Well, the majority of internet searches and internet browsing is still done via personal computers and laptops, but that’s changing and it’s changing fast. Mobile browsing is getting big and if you want your website viewers to be happy this can’t be ignored.

Everyone that has a website, obviously wants it’s viewers or users to experience an easy to follow, easy to navigate and easy to read design. If it’s difficult to do any of these aspects, it’s pretty certain, these website viewers and users will find another website that they don’t have to battle to read and that works properly. If you’re a website owner that’s exactly what you don’t want people doing. So how do you keep them on your website and what do you need to do.

You need a website that is mobile friendly! There is absolutely no way around this and not keeping up with the technology and the change of internet user behaviors will cost you. A recent article on the subject from Google said  “79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site, or can’t read what’s going on will go back and search for another site”.  That could be lost business just because your website isn’t mobile friendly. By not having a website that works on mobile devices, you are sending customers to your competitors that have made the change. Search engines are also taking into account whether a website is mobile friendly or not before displaying it in the search results when people are browsing online.

The choice is simple, you can do nothing leave your old technology website unchanged and watch your number of website visitors decline or you and create a separate mobile friendly website or adapt your current website to work with mobile devices. The advantage of having on website that resizes and adapts to work depending on the viewers device is that you only have one website to update and maintain. If you change a price list, add an article or new page of content, you only do it once.

We design websites that are mobile friendly, easy to update and maintain for very affordable rates. Contact us for more info.

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