Bing Webmaster Tool has problems

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Mar 26, 2014

Bing Webmaster Tool has problems


Like Google’s Tools for webmasters. Their biggest competitor Bing owned by Microsof has a feature much the same. Webmasters can add a website to the Bing Directory index as long as they have created an account with windows live. This works excatly the same way as Google’s webmaster tools, where you need a Google account to get access.
I am always looking for alternatives to Google Tools as I believe it’s not good to use or  to be reliant on just one search engines services. I hate to admit and promote Google even more, but with them the process was really simple and easy and it worked first time and the hundreds of times after that when I have had to setup Google Webmaster Tools. With Bing, I had a few problems along the way.

Firstly I could not add a website to the directory. I kept getting an error message asking me to try again at a later time. Strange?? Eventually, a day later I got into the account and managed to add a website to test the Bing Webmaster but noticed a few things with the service that I really don’t like.

They have an SEO Analyzer, which in theory is great. You enter a page URL into a search bar and the tool will give you a screenshot of that page, highlighting any errors or suggestions to improve the HTML on the page. Things like missing ALT tags for images, missing <H1> tags and page Titles are listed for each page you analyze, so you can make small effective changes without having to check the whole page’s code for errors. Here comes the problem, after these changes are made and the the page is reloaded, I still got the same errors coming up. It seems the Analyzer is using a cached version of the page even though it looks like you are checking it live. This is a little annoying as you wont be able to make the changes and immediately check if the errors or suggestions are removed.

Another similarity to Google’s Webmaster Tools is the “Fetch as Bingbot”, obviously designed to index pages immediately instead of waiting for the search engine to find you via a link on another website which could take days or even weeks.
The problem I found here was, no matter what URL you enter, the Bingbot always gives a result that says completed. That looks like you have indexed the file correctly, but in fact you get the same message no matter what URL you enter. I puposefully entered a page on my website that did not exist and got the completed message.  This makes me wonder if anything is being added at all with this indexing feature.

The Bingbot does diplay that it is in Beta phase (still new or testing). I guess they have a few thins to sort out with it.

If everything they had actually worked I say it was a good alternative to Google Webmaster Tools and worthwhile adding your site on there too, right now I am not 100% sure about that.

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