Advertising is the driving force behind collecting our data

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Jan 26, 2014

Advertising is the driving force behind collecting our data


Is it your right to know how your information is being used?

With the power of computers, search engines have the ability to easily track everything we do online and that’s what they’re doing.
We are led to believe that all the information that is being stored about us is only being used for improving advertising but what if that’s not 100% true. What if this information were to get into the wrong hands? Is it not worrying that almost everything we do online these days is through one channel (Google), and all this information is being stored?

Isn’t it a little worrying or at least annoying that each time you search for something through a search engine, the search engine is keeping track of that data along with what results you click on. Next time you search for that term whatever you choose previously will be returned to you. This takes away the opportunity to discover and learn more than you would if this system where in place. I’d be more happy with a random system or at least the option to choose which method I prefer before I search.

Unfortunately I don’t see that being available anytime soon unless someone comes along and creates a better system that we all start using, one that stores nothing and only gives us related content for a particular search. The problem is the driving force behind this data storage… and that huge force is personalised advertising. Remove that from the equation and you’d have better search engines, ones that where not trying to extract every piece of information from you so they can display more targeted advertising to you in the future.
Another problem is the fact that the service is free. If you ‘re not the customer, and so much effort is taken to keep you coming back, then you must be the product being sold.

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